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BabyPeek is available exclusively as an add-on to UNITY Complete, the new standard in prenatal testing. Your doctor can order UNITY to screen for common genetic disorders.

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Four steps to access BabyPeek

For the first time ever, BabyPeek allows parents to discover eye color, hair texture, and 10 more traits before birth. Here’s how to get access.

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See FAQs for details on UNITY Complete Fetal Risk Screen and BabyPeek eligibility.

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Ask your doctor to request a UNITY Complete test kit, or confirm your doctor already offers UNITY


Get Your Blood Drawn

As early as 10 weeks, get mom's blood drawn for UNITY Complete


Get UNITY Results

7-10 days later, get UNITY results in your patient portal, including baby’s sex and fetal risk


Unlock BabyPeek

Unlock BabyPeek in the patient portal — no new blood sample required

What BabyPeek parents say

“I really love it. I think it’s awesome. As a pregnant person, I’m living in anticipation every day... Now, I can imagine... It definitely creates the connection and bond with my baby.”


BabyPeek Parent

“BabyPeek is really fun and interesting. I loved that we could see how likely our baby girl is to have freckles and red hair like me, and thinner hair and early teething like her dad... It will be fun to see how accurate the eye color is [because] my family has such a mix.”

Real BabyPeek Parent

“The results are perfect for gender reveal parties... Very exciting [way] to have a closer bond with your baby. Also adds fun when you aren’t feeling well in the first trimester.”


BabyPeek Parent

“I 100% believe the baby won’t like cliantro because the father can’t stand it! That was so neat to see! All in all the information gathered seems spot on and I’m super curious now to see if it matches up.”

Real BabyPeek Parent

“This is such a fun sneak peek! Loved seeing all the different traits my baby may have. It is interesting to learn how these traits are determined as well.”

Real BabyPeek Parent

“BabyPeek is so fun! I love the images and percentages!”

Real BabyPeek Parent

Built with patented technology

BillionToOne’s pioneering DNA molecular counting technology (QCT™) makes the impossible, possible—for your baby’s health and your family’s enjoyment.

One Maternal Blood Sample

UNITY Complete provides direct insights into your baby’s risk for serious medical conditions, with just one maternal blood sample.


Powered by the same technology, BabyPeek is the only genetic test that allows you to discover your baby’s traits as early as 10 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

BabyPeek is available exclusively as an add-on to UNITY Complete. Please talk to your doctor about ordering UNITY. We are here to answer any questions your doctor may have at (650) 460-2551 and support@unityscreen.com.

BabyPeek is available for singleton pregnancies that were conceived without the use of an egg donor.

No, BabyPeek is available only as an add-on to UNITY Complete. After receiving your UNITY results, you will be able to purchase BabyPeek and unlock results directly in the patient portal.

BabyPeek is available exclusively as an add-on to UNITY Complete (more on UNITY below). The UNITY Complete test is covered by insurance, and we accept ALL insurances, including Medicaid. BabyPeek is an optional add-on to UNITY Complete, and is $99 if you choose to unlock those results within the portal. Pricing promotions are often available, please speak with our team to learn more. We recognize that every patient's insurance and financial situation is unique. We have a dedicated patient services team to support patient needs, including payment plans or financial assistance for those who qualify. If you have any questions or concerns with costs, please email us at support@unityscreen.com or call us at 650-460-2551.

UNITY Complete is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that looks at baby’s DNA for recessive and chromosomal conditions. It is recommended to be offered for all pregnancies. It also unlocks optional insight into 12 unique traits about your baby through the BabyPeek add-on. You can choose to unlock these additional results in the patient portal once your UNITY Complete screen has been processed. 

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