Discover your baby’s traits before birth

Will your baby have brown eyes, blond curls, or a sweet tooth just like you? Find out as early as 10 weeks with UNITY Complete + BabyPeek, the first and only genetic test of its kind.

Hundreds of 5 star reviews
BabyPeek is available exclusively as an add-on to UNITY Complete prenatal test. BabyPeek is not a medical test.
Eye color
Red hair
Curly hair
Light or dark hair
Hair thickness
Bitter taste
Asparagus odor
Sweet taste
Sweet vs. salty

Unlock 12 unique traits beyond gender

BabyPeek uses advanced technology to analyze well-known genetic factors that determine what traits a baby will most likely have. Much like a weather report, results are calculated as probabilities.

UNITY Complete + BabyPeek is prenatal testing reimagined

Most mom’s get prenatal testing during pregnancy, and hundreds of thousands have been screened with UNITY Complete. We cover the essentials, and the fun stuff. Like what color eyes could baby have? Could baby love or hate cilantro? And more!

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Non-invasive testing

Did you know that non-invasive prenatal testing is recommended to be offered for all pregnancies? Moms typically receive this testing between 10-16 weeks of pregnancy, and hundreds of thousands have trusted UNITY Complete

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One blood sample from mom

UNITY Complete is the first prenatal test of its kind. A single blood draw from mom provides the most accurate information on baby’s risk for medical conditions, baby’s gender, and more.

Exclusive access to BabyPeek

Plus, it’s the only test that offers insight into 12 unique traits with the exclusive BabyPeek add-on (no new blood draw needed!). Go beyond the traditional gender reveal to discover your baby’s likely hair and eye color, taste preferences and much more.

Already a UNITY patient?

If you’re already a UNITY patient, BabyPeek is available as a add-on from the UNITY portal to get exclusive insights into your baby's traits before birth.

How it works

Getting access to UNITY Complete + BabyPeek is easy, and you can access direct insights from the online patient portal within 7-10 days.

Request access today to get a test kit to bring to your next doctor visit

As early as 10 weeks, get mom's blood drawn for UNITY Complete

Advanced technology separates mom and baby’s DNA for the most accurate insights on baby’s risk for medical conditions, baby’s gender, and more
Results are available in your online portal 7-10 days later
You can choose to unlock 12 unique traits about your baby with BabyPeek from within the same portal (no new blood draw needed!)

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of parents

This was so fun to be able to see what my babies traits will most likely be! It will be interesting to compare the results after the baby is born. Definitely recommend BabyPeek as an added reveal moment for a fun memory during your pregnancy.


BabyPeek Parent

I love it! I love being able to see the possibilities of my baby’s traits!


BabyPeek Parent

This made me tear up! Thank you!


BabyPeek Parent

What a fun test! Much of the BabyPeek traits are similar to my other three children I have. So, a very accurate test, really impressed!


BabyPeek Parent

BabyPeek is just too cool. I can’t wait to see how accurate the results for traits are. So far the gender was correct according to my ultra sound!


BabyPeek Parent

I love that I can get a sneak peek before baby comes, it definitely helps with the anticipation!


BabyPeek Parent

I absolutely loved it - it really is a sneak peek at what your baby is going to be like.


BabyPeek Parent

I would suggest this to anyone! I love to have an idea of my babies traits to come.


BabyPeek Parent

Every trait that was given was exactly what my other kids looked like as well! I think this is super accurate and I think first time parents would love this!


BabyPeek Parent

We love BabyPeek! It gave us that extra little bit of info we were very curious about.


BabyPeek Parent

Frequently asked questions

You can get a UNITY Complete screen as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy, which gives you access to BabyPeek—all with just one maternal blood sample.

Your UNITY result is typically available 7-10 days after we receive your sample. Then, you can unlock BabyPeek directly in the patient portal.

No, BabyPeek is available only as an add-on to the UNITY Complete non-invasive prenatal test. UNITY Complete is routinely covered by insurance. After receiving your UNITY results, you will be able to access BabyPeek results directly in the patient portal. BabyPeek is free with a qualifying share to social media, or $99 without.

BabyPeek is available exclusively as an add-on to UNITY Complete (more on UNITY Complete below). The UNITY Complete test is covered by insurance, and we accept ALL insurance, including Medicaid. BabyPeek is an optional add-on to UNITY Complete, and is free with an qualifying social media share (otherwise $99). We recognize that every patient's insurance and financial situation is unique. We have a dedicated patient services team to support patient needs, including payment plans or financial assistance for those who qualify. If you have any questions or concerns with costs, please email us at or call us at 650-460-2551.

UNITY Complete is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that looks at your baby’s DNA for recessive and chromosomal conditions And is recommended to be offered for all pregnancies. Adding on BabyPeek unlocks optional insights into 12 unique traits about your baby. You can choose to unlock these additional results in the UNITY patient portal once your UNITY Complete screen has been processed.

BabyPeek results are a prediction of what traits your baby is most likely to have. They do not mean that your baby will have these traits with absolute certainty.

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